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PE & Sport

At Moss Side School, we believe that good quality PE and sport is crucial for all children’s development. As well as promoting competitive sport, we hope to instil a life long love of sport and an awareness of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

As part of the government’s drive for improved health, each primary school has been given PE and sport premium funding.

This section of the website shows how this money is being used and how its impact has been evaluated. Our spending is carefully targeted in order to ensure that the funding has the most sustainable outcomes possible for our children. 

Budget Planning

Self Audit 2020

Self Audit 2019

Self Audit 2018

Swimming forms an important part of our PE curriculum and is, of course, a crucial life skill. As a school, we use Leyland Leisure Centre to facilitate our lessons and our staff work alongside the swimming instructor to ensure that our pupils perform as well as they can. Our pupils attend swimming lessons from Easter in Year 4, through to Easter in Year 5 but we are required to publish data for our Year 6 pupils as they leave (which is why the report is a year out of date). 

Swimming Report 2017-18