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At Moss Side we consider reading to be the key to unlocking the door for children to learn. As such, we place a heavy emphasis upon this skill as soon as children begin in EYFS.

From the start of EYFS, children use Letterland characters to learn phonetic sounds as they develop their ability to segment (split up sounds) before blending them back together in order to read a variety of words. By using Letterland as our systematic, synthetic phonics, we immerse our pupils in a phonetic world which allows them to absorb the sounds within English and the skills required to utilise these.

Letterland - YouTube

The children are heard read on a daily basis by staff within school but the support of parents is encouraged as children have access to a weekly Letterland ebook, matched to the level of phonics that pupils are currently studying and take home a physical reading book from the Moss Side scheme (made up of a variety of decodable books, such as Phonic Bugs).

How can you help your child?

Many parents ask how they may encourage their child with reading and support their learning. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Read with your child every night – pupils have an eBook and physical book
  • Use the Letterland website to recap sounds taught in school, check pronunciation and play phonic games
  • Share high-quality reading books at home by reading to and discussing with your child – these could be from the school library or Leyland Library
  • Encourage children to read in ‘real life’ situations eg. shopping lists, street signs
  • Put subtitles on the TV – children quickly want to ‘read along’ as they watch
  • Make it fun, not a chore!

If you require any further guidance, please discuss this with your child’s class teacher.