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Welcome to Moss Side

Welcome to our website. I hope you will find it a useful source of information about Moss Side Primary School.

My colleagues and I are proud to serve the community of Moss Side and have done so since 1982, building up strong links within the community in the process. Many of our families have had connections with the school which stretch back to its early existence and this continuity has allowed unique aims and values to be embedded in the fabric of school life.

In order to fulfil our aims, staff provide a rich and vibrant curriculum for all our pupils. We have a strong emphasis on pupil development in English and maths, supported by consistently good scores in SATs. We are especially proud of the progress which our pupils make in these subjects from the moment that they step through the school doors.

But the life of this school is about far more than that. Combined with the emphasis on reading, writing and maths, we wish to see children flourish in anything they wish to do. Consequently, the school has many teachers skilled in a wide variety of other subjects, creating a plethora of capable artists, historians or computer experts to name just a few. Every year, the school has two ‘Special Weeks’ which are opportunities to explore subjects in a little more detail, such as Environmental Week, Book Week, Health and Fitness Week or MADD (Music, Arts, Drama and Dance) Week. It would be unusual, at either end of the day, not to see pupils participating in extra-curricular activities, from brass lessons to badminton, or coding to cookery. This broad curriculum is rooted in school life.

Children are given these opportunities, not only to enable them to reach their full potential, but perhaps more importantly to grow as people. We place great importance on sport (both general participation and competition) and also on the performing arts (such as music concerts, class assemblies or Christmas productions); We firmly believe that these are wonderful opportunities for children to increase their confidence and abilities to work in a team, amongst many other things. We all know that school life should be about more than just reading, writing and arithmetic.

If you are a prospective parent and wish to experience the life of the school first-hand, please feel free to arrange a visit (see our contact page for further details of how to get in touch).

Mr A Wright (Headteacher)